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Heeeere's Alex!

Alex Paxton was born a poor black child in Biloxi, Mississippi. He was the son of a sharecropper destined to take over the family business just like his father and his father before him.

At the tender young age of 18, his life changed. He graduated high school, realized he had no farming skills and discovered he was white. Having spent many a sleepless night in front of the family t.v. watching re-runs of Movie Macabre, he realized he had dreams and ambitions that the farm could no longer satisfy.

Gathering his meager life savings of $18.27, he said goodbye to his family and hit the open road to pursue his dreams. Throwing caution to the wind and his thumb in the air, he was off to Hollywood to pursue his dream of being Elvira’s pool boy. If that didn’t work out, he figured he could get a job directing. His mother had always told him to have something he could fall back on. Having seen as many late night movies as he had, he was sure that it was easier to get a job directing than it was to get hired on at the Dairy Queen.

He made it as far as Kansas City before most of his money ran out. With stars in his eyes and a Hollywood-or-bust spirit in his heart, he pointed his thumb to the west and hoped for the best at the top of an on ramp.
In the time that he's been in Kansas City he has worked on several films including The Paranormal, Killing Michael Bay, The Initiation, Lie To Me, Last Breath, Intermission, Mr. Lee, and She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not.
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