Meet the Director

Richard Buswell is an actor, director, fight choreographer, computer programmer, magazine publisher and wears a couple of other hats he probably forgot about.  He has been performing in theatre and film since 1988. He is a member of the Society of American Fight Directors, has received supplemental training from Fight Directors Canada, the British Academy of Dramatic Combat, the British Academy of Stage and Screen Combat Choreographers, the Society of Australian Fight Directors, the Nordic Fight Society, and a lady from South Africa.

He received his BFA in Theatre from the University of Oklahoma. He also learned to program computers to save money on video games. While working on film, commercial, and theatre shows as both actor and fight choreographer, starting in 1988, he supplemented his income by working as a programmer starting in 1990.  He founded the Naughty Nobles, a successful comedy-swordfighting show that traversed the Renaissance Festival circuit for 5 years.

After migrating to Kansas City, he became webmaster for KC Stage magazine, and through a series of curious events, wound up owning it. During his tenure, Richard and the KC Stage staff created a little magazine that has had a big impact on the Kansas City theatrical community.  All, while holding down a full-time job as a computer programmer in the corporate world.

Tired of slaving for the man, he decided it was finally time to earn a living doing what he loved.  Thereupon he browbeat Alex Paxton into sitting down and writing an outline for a feature film that would allow him to get rich quick and retire, or at the very least, pay a few bills.  After sitting and stewing about the outline for six months or so, Richard finally sat down and in the course of one day wrote the rough draft of the screenplay.  Enlisting Alex Paxton and Jonathan Love for the rewrite process, the screenplay for Order 86 was finally completed.

Lovingly referring to this as a "Bond on a budget" film, Richard has devoted his rapidly-waning energies and meager savings to producing and completing what he hopes will be the first of many fine films to come. A self-taught filmmaker, Richard has developed a couple of rules for approaching the craft. First, establish a core vision for the film. Then, when things don't work out as planned, make any changes that don't violate the core vision. Second, he was inspired by one of the most memorable gags in Monty Python and the Holy Grail, in which the knights pretended to ride horses while their squires followed, beating coconut halves to simulate the sound of horses' hooves. This gag was created because there was no money in the budget for actual horses.  So what's the rule Richard came up with?  When you don't have the money to do what you want, bring the coconuts to the scene.

His goals for this film are to create an highly entertaining spy thriller that will keep the audience guessing to the very end, to establish Merry BanD Productions as a quality production company in the Midwest, and to finally be able to pay people for all their hard work on his pet projects.

Keep your eyes out for upcoming videos on this site. You'll recognize Richard as the guy with the bags under his eyes.

And don't forget to bring the coconuts.